3 Things to Prioritize When Selling Your Home!

Thinking about selling your home? There is no denying, it is a Sellers market! Homes are selling fast! But that doesn't mean your home will definitely sell. We are seeing sellers make simple mistakes that are costing them time and money. It is important that you are optimizing your home's potential when it is listed. Here are three thing you need to prioritize when selling your home!

  1. Price Right! With little inventory, sellers think they can list their home for a higher price. Believe it or not, setting a high listing price is not always the best strategy. It is important to work with a REALTOR that does comps for your home. A good REALTOR will not have a listing price for you until they have walked your home, done the comps, and had a meeting with you. Having the right listing price can create interest in your home as well as a bidding war!

  2. Don't Get Emotional! Your home holds memories. It is where you gathered for special occasions, watched your children grow, and it's where you feel safe. Remember, the home serves you, you don't serve the home! Working with a REALTOR can help you keep your emotions in check. Agents are there to help you through the process, negotiate, and guide you through each step.

  3. Stage Your Home! Most sellers think they can put their home on the market and it will just sell. Before a buyer even walks through the door, they are looking at photos of your home. If the photos don't catch their eye, they won't show up. Having your home staged properly could mean the difference between a sale or even a few thousand dollars. Many REALTORS work with professional stagers and will have the stager give you a consultation for free. Do not take what the stager says personally. The stager wants you to get the highest offer for your home!

Even though it is a Seller's Market, there are homes that are not selling. Having a good REALTOR to guide you through the process is important. At Hanley Homes Group, we do more than post pictures of your home online. We have an entire team of professionals to help you through the process. From a professional stager to an expert Selling Agent, we are here to listen, coach, and consult. Our clients are the most important members of our home selling teams! Contact us today and see why Hanley Homes Group sets itself apart from the competition. 941-363-6376

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