6 Tips for moving to a new state!

Moving to a new state can be exciting and nerve wracking. It is important to work with a trusted REALTOR® when looking across state lines. Not every state has the same laws, rules, and regulations. Here at Hanley Homes Group, we are experts in the Florida market. Hanley Homes Group has been helping clients find their Florida dream home since 2015! Over the years, we have learned some tips and tricks that help ease the transition for our clients.

  1. Don't bring everything! It is hard to par down belongings. Some items have sentimental value and others may have been costly when first purchased. Bringing everything could cost you more then you realize. Figure out the cost of moving items and begin to downsize. Some moving companies charge by weight and others charge by container size. Sit down, create a moving budget, and figure out how much space you will have. It may be more cost effective to leave some furniture behind and purchase new furniture in your new state. Moving from a cold area to a warm area? You won't need as many winter items as you did before! Have a garage sale, donate items, or gift items to friends and family.

  2. Contact utility companies. Contact both old and new utility companies to let them know you are moving. Getting this chore out of the way as soon as you know your closing dates will save you tons of stress. Days before moving, you will be straddled with a lot of little last minute details, making sure to do this one in advance will take a lot of stress off of your plate! Plus, you will be able to walk into your new home with the utilities working!

  3. Forward your mail. Forwarding your mail has become very easy over the years. This is another little detail that should be taken care of as soon as you know your moving date. The United States Postal Service has created a user friendly online platform for patrons to set up their forwarded mailing address. There is a small fee, under $5.00, for this service so make sure to have your credit card handy! Click Here for USPS mail forwarding website.

  4. Get a reputable mover. Having heard horror stories of awful movers, make sure to do your research. Meet with a representative from the moving company, show them all of the large items you are looking to move. Some companies will not move pianos or safes, while others will charge more for these items. Ask the moving company for referrals and read online reviews. Talk to friends and family to get recommendations. You can also check the license information for any moving company at the US Department of Transportation. You are putting your entire home in a truck and you want to make sure it ends up safely at your new home!

  5. Transport important items with you. Medications, personal hygiene items, and even a change of clothes are not items you want to search for in towers of boxes in your new home. Bring important items with you in your personal vehicle when moving. Knowing you have a change of clothing, personal items, medication, etc will help ease your stress.

  6. Set a budget. Moving can get very expensive. Boxes, tape, and packing supplies add up quickly. If you are driving over a few days, you will need a place to stay, eat, etc. Create a budget and stick to it. Include all the expenses that go with moving.

In the end, all of your hard work will be worth it! Moving to a new state is exciting. Make sure to explore your new area! If you are planning to move to the Venice, FL area, give us a call! We would love to help you find your new home and help make the move as smooth as possible! Call today 941.363.6376

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