Moving? Have children? Tips for moving with children!

Moving can be stressful. Add children to the mix and the stress level can increase. Hanley Homes Group has been helping families move since 2015. Over the years, we have helped families find their dream homes. But, our knowledge doesn’t stop at the closing table. Here are some tips on moving with children!

  1. Story Time. Children respond to story books very well. Depending on the age of your child, there is a story about moving that may help them understand what is going on. Here are some great titles that can help ease the transition for your kiddos!

  • We’re Moving by Heather Maisner

  • Berenstain Bears Moving Day by Stan & Jan Berenstain

  • My New Home by Marta Altes

  1. Involve the Kids! With everything going on, it can be easy to overlook letting your little ones help. Give children tasks based on their age. Wanting to declutter and par down your stuff? Children can help with a garage sale. Choosing a new paint color for the new home? Narrow it down to two colors you love and let the kiddos decide the new color! Give them a box to pack their special items in. Involving them in the process will help them see that they are apart of the move!

  2. Pictures or a Tour. Are you moving close by? If so, have your children come with you on a walk through of the new home. Allow them to envision the furniture in the new rooms. Let them choose their new bedroom! If a tour is not possible? Share the pictures and virtual tour with your children. Let them look at them as many times as they need to feel comfortable with their new home.

  3. Plan a Visit. If you are moving to a new neighborhood or area, go on a mini trip. Take your children to fun local locations. Tour your new neighborhood. It is a good idea to tour the neighborhood after school hours, this way more children will be around. If you are unable to tour your new area, jump on social media. Many communities have Facebook pages where locals share videos and images of the area. Get a local newspaper and browse to see all the fun events happening in your new area!

  4. Goodbye Party. Leaving friends and family can be hard for anyone, especially children. Host a goodbye party. Let your children help plan for the party! Include them in as many details as possible. This is a party for the entire family. Closure is good for children. Make sure they know this is not goodbye forever! Remind your children that you can now visit and even vacation in your old location. Make the party a happy event!

  5. Keep Change to a Minimum. Too much change too quickly can send children into a frenzy. If possible, keep your children’s bedroom sets the same in the new house. If you always had pizza Fridays in your previous home, make sure to carry that tradition to your new home. Remind your children that the location has changed, not the family!

Moving is not an easy process. Adults can be just as stressed as children. Remember that at the end of the day, you are moving because it is what is best for your family. For more help on moving with children or to find your family’s dream home, reach out to one of our experienced team members by clicking here .

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