School Lunch Hacks

School has started and while parents are super excited for their kiddos to go back to school, the stress of packing lunches has begun! Packing lunches each day can take a toll on parents. Luckily, we have prepared this list of lunch hacks that are sure to help everyone with packing lunch!

  1. Make your own snack packs! Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. Individually wrapped snacks can cost a lot more then buying in bulk. Buy your child's favorite snack in bulk, grab small ziplock baggies, and make your own snack packs! Don't limit yourself to just one item in a bag! Goldfish & pretzels make a fun combo!

  2. Craft your own lunchables! Yes, you can make your own lunchables! Get your child's favorite lunch meat, cheese, and crackers. Grab a fun bento box (one of these) , add ingredients, and pack in your child's lunch bag!

  3. Let your child pack their own lunch! Yes, even the youngest children can pack a healthy lunch with guidance. Create a space or drawer in the fridge for snacks and lunch options. Do the same in your pantry for shelf stable snacks. Help children pack the first few times, observe for a few times, and see how quickly your child learns to make healthy lunch choices all on their own!

  4. Use a thermos for hot lunches! Bringing lunch from home doesn't mean your child can't have a hot lunch! A Thermos is a great way to help keep your child's favorites hot! Chicken nuggets, Mac N Cheese, and pasta are great hot lunches to pack! Simply hot water to the Thermos and let it sit for a few minutes. Carefully empty the Thermos, dry it off, and then add hot lunch.

  5. Freeze juice boxes! A frozen juice box will serve as an ice pack & it will be cold when lunch time comes around!

  6. Add a cute note! A simple "Have a great day" or "I love you" can improve a child's day!

Using some or all of these hacks can help take away the stress of packing school lunches! At Hanley Homes Group, we have children and know the struggle. These hacks come from our team members and help save time and limit frustration. Follow us on social media for more parent hacks as well as real estate tips and tricks!

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